How to contest!!! do you want to enter!?!?!?!?

Contest!!! Do You Want to Enter!?!?!?!?


I'm having a contest

Your probably wandering what it is

The contest is........

Whoever I think creates the best guide! In a week!

Silent message me when you think you have the winning guide!

Now lets talk about prizes

1st place is a whole guide about the things that are great about you (There should be a lot)

2nd place is your name in a shout out guide

3rd place is me following you. But if I'm already following you I will like ALLLLLLLLL of your guides!!!!!!

And for all the others that participate I will send you a private message saying a surprise!!!

So every one wins

I will post a guide saying when the week will start!

If you want to participate then comment on this guide saying....... I love snap guide

If you are confused or have any questions then you can ask me in private messages


Ps. It has do be a guide on how to do something


The creator of this guide has not included tools