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How to connect your iphone/ipad to your tv

Connect Your iPhone/iPad to Your TV


Make sure the AC Adapter is plugged in an outlit and the HDMI Cord is connected to the Apple TV and your LC TV.

Connect your device and your Apple TV to the same WiFi (I.g. 2WIRE123).

On your device, Double-Tap the Home Button and scroll twice to the left. If Apple TV is connected, you should see a sign of a TV with an arrow pointing at it.

Click that button and a page will appear. Touch the sign of your TV name (I.g. Jeffersons TV) then turn "Mirroring" on.

If you see your iPhone/iPad screen on your TV, then it worked. Note: Apps with a lot of data (I.g. Clash of Clans, Recording) will freeze at some moments

  • 1.0 iPhone or iPad
  • 1.0 Apple TV
  • 1.0 AC Adapter
  • 1.0 HDMI Cord
  • 1.0 LC TV