How to clean your shoe

Clean Your Shoe


The items are water, shoe, white eraser, white soft nail brush and piece of paper towel.

Erase the dirty stain on both sides of the shoe with the white eraser.

Erase the dirty stain on both back and white side of the shoe.

Wipe the little pieces of white erasers off the shoe by using hands or paper towel.

you can wipe the shoe with water and then scrub it with the soft white nail brush, and scrub it until you finish scrubbing the whole outside of the shoe.

After you are done with scrubbing then wipe off the water ASAP(as soon as possible) with a paper towel.

  • 1.0 One pair of shoes
  • 1.0 Water
  • 1.0 White eraser
  • 1.0 White soft nail brush
  • 1.0 Paper towel