I suffer from ADD, making me extremely unorganized. I used to have the dirtiest room- rotting apple cores, rotting grapes, you name it! But I've figured out a way to get rid of this nasty carelessness

Rearrange your furniture. Honestly, it helps. Once I did that, I made so much extra room, I didn't wanna dirty it again.

Never put anything down before you've put it back. If you walk into your room with papers lets say, don't be like me and drop them on your bed. Put it away before anything!

Change your bedsheets weekly. Bed never felt as comfy before laying on clean sheets!!!

Make it a habit to clean your room. When you see something on the floor, make it bug you! This makes you clean even if you don't want to.

VACUUM!! Have you even looked at what's growing underneath your bed? I didn't until last month. I swear that dust bunny was breathing. UNHEALTHY, KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS! Seriously, vacuum it up.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary or your "den". How annoying is it when you're walking through obstacles to get to your bed? JUNK THAT FUNK!! It's the worst when it's night and your lights are off!

THE FLOOR! Okay, I know there is some random objects on the floor. A stick, peroxide and some rabbit slippers. But randomness is great, especially when there's a stick on your floor. Why is it there?

FLOOOOOORR!!!... And wall... And rat cage

FLOOOOOORR!!!... And wall... And rat cage

Everyone is happy when your room is clean!! :))

Everyone is happy when your room is clean!! :))

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