How to clean and polish riding boots

This is the way I've always done it. A modified version of my great-grandad, and grandad's army boot polishing method.


You will need your iPod or iPad. It has to be jailbroken.

Please note this does not work with iOS 6

You will have to download the installous app from cydia. Once you have the app, download whatsapp.

When the download is finished and you have installed it and try to open it, it will will give you an error.

This is when I help you. Own the cydia app and search 'Whatspad' this will make you device supported.

Your device will now be able to run whatsapp.

NOTE: if you have whatsapp on a different device, you will be logged out on that device because whatsapp can only run on a single device at a time.

And if you downloaded it on your iPod, you will need wifi.

  • Jailbroken idevice
  • Internet connection