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First, you want to make sure all of your fish equipments like your heaters, filter etc. are turned off.

Next, you want to bring your bucket and place it next to your fish tank. (Make sure your fish tank is at a higher level than your bucket)

Next, get your tube (any kind of tube you have) and place one end of it in your tank and another end in your bucket.

Next, if you have a syphoning tube, you can use that to get the water out.

But, if you use a regular tube then you'll have to suck the water out. (Be careful not to swallow the water!)

Once you've got the water flowing through your tube, try to clean the sand/gravel at the bottom with you tube.

When your bucket is full, take out your tube and dump out the dirty water from your bucket.

If you have a bigger fish tank with plenty of water left then you would want to suck out some more water.

Do not suck out all of the water from your tank, leave enough water for your fish to be able to freely swim around in.

Now, you want to clean your bucket and fill it with clean water.

Make sure your original water in your fish tank and your new water are at about the same temperature. This creates less stress for your fish.

Now, you can clean the inside of your fish tank.

Add clean water until your tank is full

You are done.

  • 1.0 Fish tank
  • 1.0 Hose/tube/syphoning tube
  • 1.0 Bucket