How to choosing the estate agent for selling your home

Choosing the Estate Agent for Selling Your Home


Selling your home is an unenviable task for anybody; with so many different estate agents available, it can be hard to choose the best one.

Unfortunately, to add further confusion to the mix, there is no simple answer as to which the best estate agent really is; it all depends on the following things:

Where is your property located?

Whilst it’s true that almost any estate agent in Bristol will offer to try to sell your property for you, it is absolutely essential that you first consider using

using an estate agent that has an intimate knowledge of your particular area. With so many different parts of Bristol offering so many different benefits, it’s important that the estate agent

that you choose has an intimate knowledge of the area and the benefits of living there. You will need to make sure your estate agent is familiar with local attractions (such as the Clifton suspension

bridge, the river, etc), council tax brackets, local amenities and school catchment areas.

What type of property do you own?

If you’re trying to sell an old Victorian property in Redland and Cotham, it’s probably best to avoid using an estate agent which

is primarily concerned with finding housing for students or young professionals. Each estate agent survives by catering to a specific niche, and if your property is not

within that niche, it is unlikely that they will spend much time catering to it.

How quickly do you want to sell?

If you’re looking to sell a property quickly and with a minimum of fuss, companies such as Andrews will sell your property quickly and efficiently. However, bear in mind that a quick sell does not

property is sold. It’s always good to research which estate agents have the fastest selling time, and which ones sell for the highest price.

How much are you willing to sell for?

If you’re looking to maximise the profit from your house, you will need to go through numerous estate agents; make a list of the ones which specialise in selling your property and speak with each

of them individually before signing any documents. Make sure you read through the contracts thoroughly to ensure that you are not paying too much in fees; you could even consider trying to sell

the house yourself though this is likely to take significantly longer than using estate agent Out of all the estate agents available in Bristol, some've earned particular distinction from customers


Andrews have a reputation for selling houses quickly. Starting in the property business in 1946, they have a wealth of experience in the property industry and have grown to become

one of the leading residential and commercial property specialists in the South of England.


With over ten years of experience, Elephant are known for their in-depth knowledge of Bristol, the area and its property market. They are an independent company specialising in residential sales

within the locality of the renowned Gloucester Road. All the staff working for Elephant have grown up in-and are intimately familiar with- the Bristol area, and are renowned for giving honest and

informative information.


Intire offer a cheap and simple service when selling your property; in one simple cost effective fixed fee. This includes the inventory, deposit protection, gas safety certificate and EPC.

They also include rent guarantee as standard with every letting. They also do not charge anything to re-let the property should it fail to sell.

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