How to choose your perfect foundation

Choose Your Perfect Foundation


First of all you need to identify your skin tone, most people have either yellow or pink toned skin (or like me, you could have a bit of both)

It may be herd to determine what tone skin you really are but try by looking at the back of your hand, if you see more pink your are pink toned and the same goes for yellow. (Compare with a friend)

Next you need to know whether you have oily or dry skin, (this is important because you don't want to be using the wrong make-up)

If you have oily skin and use a foundation for dry skin, the formula of the dry skin foundation will add more oil to your face (far more than you need!)

The last step is to 'try before you buy' you don't want to buy a foundation 2 shades darker than your natural colour (ooh, that won't look the best)

Test the colour by placing a small amount of the product on you finger and applying that to the side line of your jaw, you don't want to see a dramatic difference of colour.

I really hope theses tips worked (and I also hope this blog actually posts properly because my last one didn't :/ whoops!) anyway enjoy these tips and good luck in your make-up hunt!

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