How to check the air pressure in a lawnmower tire.

Check the Air Pressure in a Lawnmower Tire.


Grab your pressure checker.

Unscrew the air valve on the rim.

Hook the pressure checker onto the air valve.

Read the pressure displayed on the end of the pressure checker.

If the pressure is not to the recommended amount find the recommended amount on the tire.

Once you have found the recommended amount go over to your air compressor and turn it on.

Grab your air hose that is hooked onto your air compressor.

Hook the end piece of the air hose to the air valve on the rim.

Insert air into the tire. Stop after 10 seconds and check the air pressure. Repeat the process as it is needed.

Once you have reached the recommended amount of air pressure screw the valve cap back onto the air valve.

Then put away your supplies.

  • These are the supplies you need:
  • Air pressure checker.
  • Air compressor.
  • Lawnmower tire with rim.
  • Air hose.