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How to change your life (a story)

Change Your Life (A Story)


This story changed my life- and I would not be here today without this!

A long time ago, a baby was born to a carpenter and his wife.

The boy grew up always curious and asking questions, and was considered a very intelligent child.

He was called a Rabbi, because he went around the countries and told stories or "parables". He performed many miracles, including making the blind see and the paralyzed to walk!

This man never did anything wrong. He was the only person ever in history to be perfect. Some of the men that had higher positions in that town, the priests, did not like him. They ordered him killed!

He was whipped until he was bleeding all over, and then sent to a cross, the worst punishment and death imaginable. But he did not complain or argue. He willingly took the pain and died.

He did all if this for a reason. He did it for YOU! But why would this man do these things for you? Because he was paying the penalty for your sins. A sin is when you do something wrong, like lying.

That's not all though, because this man rose from the dead! He is alive! But how do I know for sure? Because He lives in my heart! If you need scientific proof,read The Case for Christ* by Lee Strobel

This man's name is Jesus. He was and is the Son of God who was the payment for your sins. But more importantly, He loves YOU! He loves you enough that he died for you.

By dying for you, Jesus made a way for you to go to Heaven and be with Him forever in paradise after You die. The way you can do this is by accepting His gift to you saving you from Your sins.

To accept His gift, all you need to do is pray to Him (in your mind talk to Him). 1- Admit to Him that you have done wrong. 2-Believe that he died and rose again. 3- Confess that Jesus is your Savior.

If you want to change Your life, just pray to Him and ask Him to forgive you of your sins and ask Him to change your life! He really will. Don't throw away this chance!

For God so lived the world that He gave His one and only Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. - John 3:16 (from the Bible)

If you just competed that step, I want to personally welcome You to the family of Jesus. Please contact me by email or comment on this guide so I can help you as you start your new life with Jesus!

If you became a Christian today, have questions about any of these things or just want some information, or would like for me to pray for you, I would love for you to let me know!

Jesus loves you no matter what you have done and will forgive any sin!!!!! Nothing is unforgivable. Please like!

Thank you so much for reading! God bless you!

* the Case for Christ book link is below:

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