How to change oil

Change Oil


first you will need to let your car run for a good 5 to 10 minutes and this will warm up the oil so its not as slow like molasses and cleans the system better

put your car on a level cement surface avoid grass and gravel or any soft spots

you will now need to put the car on car ramps or if you don't have a car ramp you can use a jack and a jack stand the video will show how to properly jack up a vehicle

get your oil pan, ratchet and sockets, and a channel lock to get the filter off.

Now you and all your tools will all need to go underneath the vehicle once underneath you will have to look around for the drain plug and filter for some vehicles the filter is not below vehicle.

Remove the drain plug and let oil drain until it drips then you put drain plug back in.

remove oil filter make sure rubber seal is on the filter and if its not on the filter see if its still on car and remove if it is.

put the new oil filter on and tighten as tight as you can by hand and wipe down the oil

now that you have finished wiping off all of the oil you can go inside your car and pull the hood tab then go to the front of the car and reach under hood and pull tab to fully release hood

Now once you have the hood open you need to take the oil cap off to find how many qts it takes go to the manual

  • 1.0 channel lock
  • 1.0 oil filter
  • 5.0qt oil
  • 1.0 ratchet
  • 1.0ml socket 13mm to 15mm