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Lavish him with \u2764\ufe0fLove\u2764\ufe0f and \ud83d\udc4aProtection\ud83d\udc4a

Lavish him with ❀️Love❀️ and πŸ‘ŠProtectionπŸ‘Š

Feed him the good stuff! \ud83d\udc31\ud83c\udf72\u2764\ufe0f

Feed him the good stuff! 🐱🍲❀️

To Microchip a cat requires a vet. Please ask your nearest vet to microchip your cat. ( Remember the prices vary ).🐱❀️🐱❀️🐱❀️🐱❀️🐱

Ask your vet or nearest animal supply shop for a Flea Comb and Powder. (The Prices Vary).🐱❀️🐱❀️🐱❀️🐱❀️🐱

  • Flea Comb
  • Goats' milk
  • Love ❀️
  • A Cat
  • A trip to the vet ( or more! )
  • Wet and/or dry cat food