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Sorry this will not have any images, but bear with me I will try to be good at explaining :)

Make sure you have a trot with lots of impulsion, and collect the horse a little as you approach the corner you want to canter in

As you approach the corner, go into sitting trot and sit deep in the saddle for a few strides before you ask for canter. Cantering from a corner helps to get the horse to canter on the right lead.

Asking for canter: In sitting trot, move your outside leg back behind the girth and keep the inside leg firm against the girth. (cntd next page)

Squeeze with your shins/ tap on with your heels. Give your horse a bit of loose rein if it seems like it is struggling to get into canter. Tap on with a whip behind your inside leg if it is not strong

Only use a whip gently and if you trust the horse!

Experiment with putting your outside leg in different places. If the horse is well trained, it should get the gist. If you are on a temperamental horse, don't move your outside leg very far back

Imagine your inside leg as a fixed point, and you are pushing the horse around it as you ask for canter. this may help getting the outside leg in the right position

Also, don't move your leg too far back if the horse is prone to bucking- I know from experience!

Otherwise, normally if the horse does not understand it is because you are not putting your leg far enough back. This means the signal you are giving it is to trot faster, not canter

Some horses like to 'run into' canter, meaning they trot faster and faster and then eventually drop into canter. In this case, just collect it better &bear with and give it an oppurtunity to do this.

The horse will usually canter, but if it doesnt go back and do some more work in trot, collecting and extending it to improve the quality and impulsion

If you get round the whole of the corner and a little further with no canter, stop and make the horse go back to trot. Then try again!

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