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How to build a snowman

Build a Snowman


How to build a snowman. First you grab a tiny snowball and roll it in the snow until it is 1 to 2 feet tall. Then make another snowball the same way but make it smaller then then the first snowball.

After that lift the smaller snowball on top of the bigger one.

Then you make another snowball but smaller than the second snowball. After you are done with that put the one you just made on top of the other two for the head.

After that you go get a big carrot and stick it on his face as the nose,then you grab 10 rocks,any kind of rocks and the other 6 as the mouth.

Then after that you go grab 3 buttons and stick them in as the buttons on the middle snowball in a line going down to the biggest snowball.

Lastly you grab a hat and scarf and put them and put them on the snowman like you would to a real person.

Then when you are finished back up about 10 feet away from it to see if it looks good.

Now you are done with your snowman.

  • 3.0 snowballs
  • 1.0 hat
  • 1.0 scarf
  • 1.0 carrot
  • 3.0 buttons
  • 10.0 rocks
  • 2.0 sticks
  • 2.0 mittens