How to build a pyramid

Build a Pyramid


Step 1) work out how much space you will need to build your pyramid

Step 2) level out the sand

Step 3) work out the angle your pyramid

Step 4) start building the first layer of your pyramid

Step 5) build more layers up, but missing one outside layer. Gradually, the top will get smaller and smaller. Build until you have one block up the top

Step 7) you should be finished now. You could build things inside. Make sure you have some source of light or it would be a bit dark inside. Also, make sure you have a door to get in

A finished pyramid

  • 999.0m Limestone
  • 5.0 Officials
  • 40.0 Farmers
  • 55.0 Craftmen
  • 100.0kg Chocolate
  • 100.0kg Fish
  • 100.0kg Camel meat
  • 21.0 Hammer
  • 29.0 Chisel
  • 34.0 Shovel