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How to build a pyramid

Build a Pyramid


Step 1. Level out the sand on the ground where the pyramid is going to be build. Do this so the base of the pyramid will be even. This makes the base of the pyramid more stable.

Step 2. Make mud brick stone from the Nile river by collecting and gathering clay from the Nile and shape with a trowel so that the sides of the sides of the clay is a flat surface.

Step 3. Bake the clay blocks in the sun until they harden.

Put the blocks together to form a square base. Put the blocks side together for one of the layers for the base. So the the blocks stay together used mud which will then harden.

Build a triangle structure. Do this by using the blocks leading up to the top.

..And that's how to make a Pyramid

  • Stone
  • Lots of slaves
  • craftsmen