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How to build a network marketing empire

Build a Network Marketing Empire


Step 1: COMMIT Commit to working your business for at least one year, giving it as much (or more) mental attention as you would your job. Resolve that you are not going to quit. Quitters fail.

Step 2: WHY Develop a strong reason(s) WHY you will stay committed when outside forces try to knock you off course and make you lose focus. Your 'why' must be strong enough to make you cry!

Step 3: GOALS Develop solid short-term and long-term goals to accomplish. Make your goals big and bold, but also attainable and realistic. Write them down with a time stamp and evaluate daily.

Step 4: LIST Make a HUGE list of everyone that you know. Categorize them according to who could benefit from the product/service versus who could benefit from the business. Some will overlap.

Step 5: QUALIFY Qualify your list and select your Top 20. These should be the people with the most influence. People that are ambitious and driven. People who like multiple streams of income.

Step 6: SORT Sort the Top 20 by hosting a conference call (or meeting) where you share your vision with passion and excitement and let them know where they fit in, emphasizing timing in your team.

Step 7: FOCUS Get focused for 90 days. No distractions. No TV, music, casual events etc. Have a conversation with your family to let them know of this sacrifice and ask for their support in this.

Step 8: LAUNCH Launch your business with all-out massive action. If you are part-time: 4-6 events/calls with minimum 5-10 people per week. If full-time, the same...per day. Repeat for 90 days.

Step 9: EVALUATE Do a business audit after 90 days to check your visible results thus far. See what you have to work with. What is your income level? How many leaders have you found? Help them build.

  • 100.0gal Desire
  • 2.0lb Coachability
  • 2.0lb Teachability
  • 1.0qt Influence
  • 1.0tsp Personality