How to build a micro lego spaceship

Build a Micro Lego Spaceship


This is the thing we will be making today, so grab your buckets of Legos and let's go!

first, the wings.

Garb a hinge piece and a 1x4 triangle piece.

Take binoculars and a stud and attach...

...and take a stud, a 1x2 plate with clip attachment at the end, and one of those hose pieces.


And make another, but opposite.

For the body, take three clear studs, a 1x6, a 2x3, and a 1x1 brick with stud on one side.

Take a 1x2, a 1x4, and a 1x2 vent plate. Connect like this.

Add like so...

Now a 1x2, two cheese pieces that are the same color, and a 1x1 stud, the same color as the cheese pieces.


Now, take a stud, a cheese piece, and a small flame.

Next, take a 1x3 triangle with a stud.

Take a stud, 1x1 clip, and a 1x2 hinge

A cheese piece and a lever

Connect it

And connect these here

And you're done.

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