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How to broken village seed in minecraft pe 0.9.0-0.9.5!

Broken Village Seed in Minecraft PE 0.9.0-0.9.5!


Howdy! Today I'm gonna show you a broken village seed! Try it out yourself!

Seed name: 455 Generator: infinite

The village is big! You will see snapshots coming up! There is a blacksmith!

From spawn, turn left and walk across the river, you should see it quite easily without having to cross the river!

As you can see, a house is on top of a house!

As you can see, a house is on top of a house!



That's not all! Check it out yourself! (SPOILER: there's 2 wells, house that are broken apart, a ton of farms, and many more!)

This is one of the best seeds, TRY IT OUT!

So thanks for reading. Leave a like if you found this seed amazing! Follow me! Comment!

If you see anything wrong or you can't find it, comment and I'll try to help!

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