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How to braid your own hair back

Braid Your Own Hair Back


1. Brush your hair out so there is no knots

My hair is a little staticky.... Hehe

My hair is a little staticky.... Hehe

2. Pull your hair back like you are going to put it in a high hair pony

Like this

Like this

3. Split your hair (that is held up like a hair pony) in 3 parts. We will be doing the 3 strand braid because it's the easiest.

4. You will take the first strand, pull it over the middle strand and under the last strand. And you will keep doing the same thing until you get to the bottom. Then you will tie it with a hair tie:)

Finished!!! It might be hard to see what I am doing. I have very thick and dark hair:). Thanks for reading!!!

I hope your hair looks great! Feel free to ask me any questions or request me any guides! Feel free to follow me =)

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