Did you do your chores? Homework? Clean your room? If not, go do that now. If so, continue to step 2.

I know if you didn't do your chores you skipped step 1. So do this if you want your parents to be happy with you: sweep, mop, do laundry, dust furniture.

Read a book (or two if your a bookworm like me)!!!!!

Paint or draw or sketch! Learn a different style of art then you're used to!

Play an instrument! If you don't know how, learn! If you don't own an instrument, go to a music store, they'll usually let you play on careful! Don't bang on the instrument and get some help.

Knit, crochet, macrame, sew, or learn how to, very fun and easy.

Learn cats cradle! It's really fun.

Cook or bake something! Wash your hands first! Then after it's done, eat it!

Do a puzzle!

Play/learn a sport! Basket ball, baseball, volleyball, football, archery, soccer, and even tether ball are good options.

Make a craft! Paper Mâché, mini mosaics, duck tape, friendship bracelets and even just decorating a notebook or phone case, all of these leave satisfying results!

DANCE!!!!! Ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern, line, and ball-room dancing are fun to learn!

Learn chess! Or have a checkers tournament.

Pottery is always fun to do! Or just sculpt some stuff with clay. Or you can even just shape stuff with okay dough and let it dry overnight. Also you can make salt dough or something.

Put on a puppet show for your little siblings! (Supposing you have one). Or parents!

Learn and do stuff that pioneers did ex; make candles, make soap, carve stuff into wood, etc.

S-T-R-E-T-C-H-! Stretching is good for you, remember, good posture is good too.

Oh, take a hike. Seriously, go for a walk or something, or wen just get outside and be active.

Know how to do something? Make a snap guide for it!

Be social! (Hahaha, mom! That's why I have Instagram! Want me to be more social? Let me get Facebook!) talk with friends and just hang out and have a good time.

Paaartaaay! Plan a party and invite EVERYBODY!

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