How to blow a bubble ring

Blow a Bubble Ring


To blow a bubble ring underwater in a pool, you will need very still water

First, strap on your goggles, then dive underwater and sit at the bottom flat on your back, hold your breath and don't move, now wait for the water to still.

Now, there are lots of methods of doing this, one method is to put your thumb in your mouth, do not let air out yet, and you need good lungs, now puff up your cheeks like your blowing into a trumpet.

Now Let it Go like Frozen. Here is the next method, puff up your cheeks, but now slide your tongue out, like you are blowing raspberries at somebody, but don't open yet, still keep it puffed

this will make it so that it makes a mold for the ring. Now puff it out fast in a ring shape, so it is like a circle, but keep your tongue in the same position.

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  • Goggles
  • Pool