How to block a penalty kick

Block a Penalty Kick


First Things First: You should always start off in your goalie ready position, which is being on your toes, knees bent, hands out, shuffling side to side, and a few steps in front of the goal line.

As a goalie there are several ways to block a shot. Let's watch some videos that demonstrate some of these ways.

Method #1: Coming up towards the ball and scooping the ball up into your arms and chest.

Method #2: Jumping and diving at the ball when it is kicked low and hard to save it from going into the net.

Method #3: When the ball is kicked high or above your head, jump and punch the ball out over the goal so it does not fly into the net

There you go! ;)

  • 1.0 Soccer goal
  • 1.0 Soccer ball
  • 1.0 Goalie gloves
  • 1.0 A partner