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How to binge watch a netflix series

Binge Watch a Netflix Series


To begin with, prepare your optimal viewing area. Start by setting up your couch, or seating area. You can do this by setting your seat to the optimal angle to view your television.

Furthermore, you can add your preferable amount of pillows, blankets and other accessories.

Following this, you can choose your favourite snacks and drinks, and set them on a nearby table, that will be easily accessible during your binge.

After you have completed preparing your supplies, begin your hunt for the perfect binge-worthy show.

Your choice will vary based upon your favourite genre, personality and any other restrictions you may have. These could include age restrictions or your streaming services variety of content carried.

Before making your choice, make sure to consider the length of each episode, how many episodes in a season and also how many seasons are available. Be sure to find out if new seasons will be released.

Some perfect examples of possible binge options include, “The Office”, “Riverdale” or “Family Guy”.

Once you have selected the perfect show for you, prepare for a long night. Cuddle up in your seat, set your preferred lighting, and click play.

Remember, when you feel like it’s time to go to bed, keep watching for “just a couple more episodes”. Continue snacking while you are carried along the amazing ride of your show.

Finally, when you can see the first signs of early morning light through your window, begin preparing for an awful day. Have at least 5 coffees, and try and drag yourself through your tasks.

When you are home from your daily grind, reset the process and begin the binge again.

  • Netflix account
  • TV, cables and remote
  • Snacks and soda