How to be yourself!

Be Yourself!


This is a reminder that you have the power to be who you are! Many people in this world will dislike you and many will like you! Each and every person has their own good and bad things!

Everyone! I repeat everyone has a talent, and a good thing about them

Be who you wanna be! E.g I really love my artwork and I’m going to brush off the fact that people call it crap.

Bullies: Bullies do bullying for multiple reasons a couple can be Jealousy, problems at home or it makes them feel powerful

How to get rid of negative thoughts: Everytime you have a negative thought switch it to a positive one! E.g at least I’ll be seeing my friend today so there’s something to look forward to.

Just having that positive thought can make you act and feel different

  • You, yourself, your personality