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How to be knowledgeable at a bar - tips/hints (pt. 1)

Be Knowledgeable at a Bar - Tips/Hints (Pt. 1)


***To make a Drink Stronger*** • Add more ice • Use a smaller glass • Top pour (Liquor is poured on top) • Half & Half mix

***To Make a Drink Weaker*** • Use less ice • Use bigger glass

Always be specific on what brand of alcohol you want in your drink. Bartenders will give you the cheap alcohol from the "well" if you're not specific.

Please tip your bartender well. If you do, they will more than likely tend to you faster and take care of you in the future.

There is a difference between a shot and a shooter. A shot is alcohol by itself and a shooter is composed of alcohol and a mixer.

Some damaging factors of beer are •change of temperature •age •ultra violet light

Try to pour beer with foam (head). This will allow for a more visual appeal, cleaner taste, less filling, and ultimately, profit.

There is a difference between Liquors and Liqueurs. A liquor usually has a alcohol content of 40% (80 proof), or higher. It is made up of grains, potatoes, or plants. (Cont. on next slide)

Liqueurs are typically much sweeter spirits with various flavors. Alcohol content is usually lower than 40%, so it is not as strong as a liquor. Liqueurs are mostly made from berries, fruits or herbs.

Any alcohol with an alcohol content of 40% MAY CATCH FIRE! Please be careful. Also, alcohol with content higher than 40% will not freeze.

There are three popular types of tequila: 1.) Plata - Silver; clear (not aged) 2.) Reposado - Aged (less than a year) 3.) Añejo - Gold; aged (1-3 years) ***Joven and Extra Añejo also exist.

Keep white wines and Rosé wines at about 35°-45°F. Reds at about 55°-65°F. Keep reds at close to European room-temperature (around 60°F).

Bottles of 750ml will serve about 20 shots. While a 1 liter bottle will serve approx. 27 shots. This is using a measurement of 1- 1/4oz shots.

There are 4 main ways to serve a drink: 1.) Neat - straight, room temperature. 2.) On the Rocks - with ice. 3.) Straight Up - mixed w/ ice and strained into a glass. 4.) Frozen - blended with ice.

These are only a few hints and tips that I picked up at a Bartending Class. More to come. Feel free to leave more hints and tips in the comments...or share questions/concerns. :) -Zeke

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