7th grade is your 2d first impression of you really think about it. First impressions are important so you want to be as cool and awesome as you can be so here are some tips for you! Hope u enjoy!

Clothes: Brands: Hollister Abercrombie Forever 21 Aeropostale Pink Vineyard vines Ivory Ella Billabong North face Ugg Converse Nike Under armour

Clothes part 2: I know that there are probably some people out there who cant afford clothing from these places. That doesn't mean you aren't cool. Cheaper, trendy stores like kohls are good.

Supplies: You do not have to go all out and spend 500$ on supplies.. Although the things may get pricy. If your school allows it, try and get a 3 in. Binder to stay organized the cleaner the better!!

Supplies part 2: Dividers in your binder can help you stay organized also. pencils-go mechanical. Most packs come with led refill and you also won't be sharpening alot so during a test you can focus!

Food and exercise: I know some people have trouble staying healthy so this one isn't too important. 1- take small healthy lunches 2- get at least 6 hours of sports a week 3-have a good sleep routine

You: Wear deodorant Try perfume Brush teeth Brush hair Wash face Wear makeup- not too much or none of ur not aloud

Locker: Mirror Whiteboard Shelf Backpack Coat

Friends: Be open to new friends Have close friends but don't keep only 2 friends the whole year The more friends the better

Style: Keep up with trends that are a good idea don't do anything bad. Look up what the latest trends with teens online if you don't already know what they are

That's about it! If u have any other tips leave them in the comments. Also suggestions for other guides. Smash that like button👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Thx! -✌🏼️Lolo

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