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How to be canadian.. continued..

Be Canadian.. Continued..


Here's some basic terminology for being in Canada..

We often refer to ourselves as Canucks..Vancouver Canucks, get it.. Good

Chirping.. Is our word for dissing someone.. Ohhh you just got chirped, bitch!

A plug.. We use this to say that someone isn't good at something.. Oh, that guys a plug at hockey..

We call it Pop, not soda.. It's pronounced pop.

Pencil crayon. Not a colored pencil, a pencil crayon.

Wash room.. If you ask for the restroom, bathroom, toilet, etc. we will know what you're talking about.

Roof is pronounced ruff..

Pecan.. Yes we say pee-can.. (insert sarcastic laugh here)

Loonies- 1 dollar coin and Toonies- 2 dollar coin.

Chocolate bar.. Not a candy bar, chocolate bar.

Smarties- M&M's but better..

Runners- tennis shoes..

Mounties- police.. We don't really have these anymore..we have police, but not Mounties..

Z is pronounced zed..

Homomilk.. Homogenized milk.. (sarcastic immature laugh)

Some more random stuff aboot us..

All Halloween costumes are made to be fitted under or over a snow suit..

It's a frozen hostile wasteland...

We brag a lot about celebrities that come from here.. except Bieber.. We're not proud..

10 degrees Celsius is warm.. And swim when it's 60 degrees Fahrenheit..

We know our national anthem in French and English..well most of us..

University is a lot more important then college..

10,11,13,14,15.. Wait didn't you forget something.. What? No.. We don't have the number 12, here in Ontario... Grade 10, grade 11, grade 13.. It's noon thirty-five or midnight fifty.. 11+13=24, 6+6=?

That last one probably confused the crap out of you, eh?

The number that shall not be's like the Voldemort of numbers..

Glow in the dark coins!!!

Glow in the dark coins!!!

Could this be anymore perfect? A lot of we Canadians love this show..

Could this be anymore perfect? A lot of we Canadians love this show..

There you go! There's so much more, but that's enough for now..

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