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How to be a better iphone/ipad photographer

Be a Better iPhone/iPad Photographer


Don't use the camera's zoom. Get closer to your object! Apple products have great built-in cameras, but once you use the camera's zoom, you can kiss that quality photo goodbye.

Look for good lighting! Harsh light from the sun can cast a dark shadow over someone's face, making them look ridiculous. Keep the sun in the back or just stick to the shade for a better picture.

Use two hands! Apple products are quite light, but can still move while you are taking a picture. That extra hand helps steady your device.

Keep your phone with you at all times! If you happen to see that perfect photo opportunity, take it! You can only do this if you have your phone or just happen to have a camera.

Don't use Instagram filters. If you use these, you picture will look like everyone else's. Use another type of filter, or let the natural beauty of your picture shine!

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