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How to avoid almost any physical confrentation/fight

Avoid Almost Any Physical Confrentation/Fight


The idea for making this guide came from seeing a fight at a bar this past weekend. I've seen the same guy get in numerous bar fights.

In my opinion there are only two reasons to ever get into a physical fight. To protect yourself and to protect someone else.

In a verbal confrontation that escalates into a physical one. The first person that gets physical is admitting that they've lost their argument. They are literally announcing that they're a looser.

So that's the first lesson. Remember that unless you're protecting yourself or someone else from an attack. If you attempt physical harm you're the one who's already lost a "battle" of whits.

Another method of avoiding physical confrontations is to be a likable and trustworthy person. It's the strongest weapon you can have. If someone starts on you they'll have to deal with your friends.

Now for a rather humorous method. I'm sure it would work but luckily I've never had to try this.

You're alone in a bar and you're confronted with a person or even a group of them. You can tell it might turn physical. What can you do? How about this…

Grab your drink in your hand and pour it...

Over your own head!!!!!! :)

They'll either laugh at you or think your nuts. Either way it's better then ending up in a hospital or in jail. :)

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