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So this contest is to show my appreciation to my followers for helping me reach my goal of 20 followers.This is an art contest for anyone following me.

To enter this contest you must be following me.You must comment on this guide letting me know that you want to enter.

Your entry can be a picture that you drew,a bracelet that you made,a painting.Pretty much anything art related.

The first place winner gets 3 guide requests,3 likes on their guides,and 1 shoutout.

The second place winner gets 2 guide requests,2 likes on their guides,and 1 shoutout.

The third place winner gets 1 guide request,a like on a guide,and a shoutout.

The contest entries are due on January 22, 2017.No late entries will be accepted.

If you have any questions please leave a comment and have fun making your entry if you choose to enter.

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