How to apply for an exit clearance for canada from poea

Apply for an Exit Clearance for Canada From POEA


NOTE: This guide is specifically for OFWs under Canada's Live In Caregiver Program ONLY.

Got your visa? Great! Head on to POEA with your original documents (don't forget to bring one set of photocopied duplicates).

Line up! Documents in hand, go to the Name Hire Unit at the 2nd floor of the POEA. You'll have to get your documents assessed before signing up for the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS).

Sign up! Go to the OWWA office to sign up for PDOS. Schedules are subject to slot availability, and may NOT necessarily be available on the same day, so be sure to come early!

You're good to go! Good luck to you during your employment in Canada!

Going to Canada for work? Good for you! Don't forget that both you and your prospective Canadian Employer needs to comply with both Philippine AND Canadian government requirements. Good luck!

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