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Types of surveys- Telephone Online Door to door

Surveys are used to show results of a topic. They summarize a set of data collect. People use surveys to get a better understanding of the topic.

Effective surveys- Random sample surveys Large sample sizes Diversity Variety

An effective survey does not create a bias towards one idea/topic. Having an effective survey clearly shows the results of a poll.

Ineffective surveys- Voluntary Convenience sample Biased results

An example of applying a survey to real life would be surveying people about a product. Based on the results they can decide what product they would like to put out.

An example of an effective survey would be the census. It helps the government figure out the population and how diverse the population of a country is.

An example of an ineffective survey would be if you were to survey all your friends, so that would be a confidence sample and you would get a biased result.

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