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How to answers for mickey and anyone else

Answers for Mickey and Anyone Else


I believe these are your questions

I believe these are your questions

This is how to make a cake

This is how to make a cake

To find wheat you have to make a hoe and go around trying to find seeds and once you find seeds you place the seeds down to and wait for them to grow. Slide to continue

I suggest you use a hoe to get more quality on the seeds and wheat

Enderman is not in P.E. because you need the end to do it. Iv heard that there is only 3 ends in a world. The end is underground. There is no end yet so, no

If you believe in herobrian thats your choice. But, if you want proof the go on youtube. Apparently a guy found herobrian in P.E. but that doesn't mean that he is still in it. Slide for more

But, there is no longer herobrian in full version on the computer. Want proof? Again, look on youtube or if you look at the updates scroll to the very bottom. It says "herobrian removed"

There you go!

Trust me, this is ALL true

The creator of this guide has not included tools