How to a story about the lone lords about a crew

A Story About the Lone Lords About a Crew


True story about Lord

The crew were In a state New York the guys had nick names Leader named HaVoC and his best friends HyPeR and Kabuto. They were unknown people but we new eachother . We where phenomenon people.

but now we live on the Internet but we still know eachother till this day. Then we decided to make a crew just the three of us so we did we called it lord but where not just here we are everywhere

My Friend HyPeR is a known hacker but we don't spoil. But funny we use it to hack in other Hulu accounts to watch anime lol and that's true Xc325 not a real code just a template

Then we all moved away HyPeR moved to Spain Kabuto moved to Canada for worrying about trumps take it very but fuck him

Well yeah guys that was it but we still talk bye -Lord HaVoC

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