The Ultimate Etsy Gift Guide for Literally Everyone on Your List

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Etsy is perfect for creative-minded individuals with a flair for the eclectic and an undeniable love of pop culture. Our love affair with this site began back when we discovered it could be the answer to all of our holiday needs, but what we love most about Etsy is that there's a little something for even the trickiest peeps on your list. DIY-obsessed bestie? Check! Eccentric recipients (or the just plain weird and unexpected recipient)? Double check! And how about gifts guaranteed to crank the fun, smiles, and merriment to the max? You betcha. Check out these 27 holiday finds that will quench all your holiday shopping needs without ever leaving Etsy.

DIY Embroidery Kit ($16)

DIY Embroidery Kit

Chances are you've got an artsy friend who would love to have this feminine (and crafty) piece, but we won't blame you for keeping it yourself. The kit comes with a pre-printed pattern, embroidery needles, thread, and a guide for a truly hands-on experience.

Unicorn Frappuccino Bath Bomb ($7)

Unicorn Frappuccino Bath Bomb

We know how great a bubble bath feels in the winter, and all we're saying is that these unicorn frappe bath bombs would make for the most magical bath, like, ever. Attach a Starbucks gift card for a themed-gift that they'll love.

Personalized Coffee Mug ($8)

Personalized Coffee Mug

Since you can add custom quotes on this mug, that makes it the perfect gift for your closest BFF. Up to five lines of text and three fonts mean you can add your favorite inside joke or movie quote.

Taylor Swift Record Player Car Air Freshener ($13)

Taylor Swift Record Player Car Air Freshener

Not only will these mini records make your Swiftie friends' car smell nice, but they're the perfect addition to any car that already has all of Taylor's CDs inside. They'll make their car smell great without alcohol or toxins.

Diamond Chocolates Chocolate Diamond ($32)

Diamond Chocolates Chocolate Diamond

Who cares about "If you like me then you should have put a ring on it" when you can munch on one of the most delicious rocks of all time? (Not us. At least, not when there's chocolate around.)

Paris Scenery Tapestry ($70)

Paris Scenery Tapestry

Wall tapestries rock because they brighten up spaces without having to deal with a paint job. We love that this one transports you to Paris, and if you've got a pal who's just moved or has naked white walls, you can't go wrong with this colorful pick.

"The Breakfast Club" Pencil Set ($10)

"The Breakfast Club" Pencil Set

Any writer, pop culture nerd, or John Hughes fan will get a kick out of this themed pencil set, but they can also choose from Jane Austen, book lovers, Friends, and Elf.

Death Star Silicone Ice Cube Mold ($5)

Death Star Silicone Ice Cube Mold

Why yes, we would like Star Wars-themed ice cubes in our sparkling Champagne punch glasses. This gift is amazing and a total must-have for when NYE rolls around.

Japanese-style Ceramic Spoon ($9)

Japanese-style Ceramic Spoon

Do you know someone who loves collecting unique, handmade items? Or whipping up delectable treats in the kitchen? So do we! And we're pretty sure they'll adore these galaxy-esque kitchen staples.

Creative Smiley Face Socks ($4)

Creative Smiley Face Socks

Not only will these socks keep your toes warm but they'll put you in a good mood too. Get a couple pairs in their favorite color or grab one in every shade.

Personalized Peaches Stationery ($25)

Personalized Peaches Stationery

We could all benefit from a friendly reminder to keep up on our correspondences, and this personalized stationery set will more than do the trick. Don't forget to check your mail for the adorable cards to come in return!

Luna Lovegood Tote Bag ($14)

Luna Lovegood Tote Bag

Because we love Harry Potter. And we love tote bags. Cute, functional, and magical FTW.

Cat Unisex Cotton Blend Pajama Bottoms ($26)

Cat Unisex Cotton Blend Pajama Bottoms

Imagine this: you get home from a night out, take your hair down, take your makeup off, and put on...uncomfy pajama pants. The worst! That's exactly why you should get your friend these comfy cat pajama pants instead.

Cat Massage Comb Self Groomer ($8)

Cat Massage Comb Self Groomer

Um, yes. Cats will love you for it, and it will give any living space a pet-approved upgrade. Meow!

Fun Heart Sunglasses ($7)

Fun Heart Sunglasses

Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses just got a whole new meaning. Whether you prefer neutrals or have clothing in every color of the rainbow, these are the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Personalized Wooden Recipe Book ($32)

Personalized Wooden Recipe Book

For the cook in your life: an artsy, personalized design and the homemade feel of the wooden engraving. We approve wholeheartedly.

Custom LED Music Plaque ($20)

Custom LED Music Plaque

Any music lover will appreciate this way cute and functional album plaque. Remind your sister of that concert she finally got to go to, your spouse of your first dance song, or your best friend of your favorite song in middle school.

Talk Crypto To Me T-Shirt ($20)

Talk Crypto To Me T-Shirt

Pair this tee with your go-to pair of jeans and cardigan to grab coffee or tuck into sweatpants for a lazy Saturday. Rock with your favorite necklace and red lip.

Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm Earrings ($14)

Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm Earrings

Chances are, if you recognize these Curb Your Enthusiasm-inspired Larry David earrings, you already love them. If not, ehh.

Twisted Twee Ltd. Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Underwear Gift Set ($49)

Twisted Twee Ltd. Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Underwear Gift Set

Seriously, please get these hilarious his-and-hers undies for your favorite pair of newlyweds. This cultured gift might be a bit of a gag, but it'll bring a smile to everyone's faces.

Fight Like A Girl Stickers ($4)

Fight Like A Girl Stickers

These stickers make a great small gift, a Christmas card add-on, and a laptop decoration. Consider this the perfect opportunity for them to take their favorite gal with them wherever they go.

Rose Quartz Coasters ($15)

Rose Quartz Coasters

We're drooling over these gold-trimmed agate coasters. If you'd rather DIY a pair of the hostess's favorites, be our guest, but the rest of us can simply add them to our carts on Etsy. Woop, woop!

Custom Name Birthstone Double Layer Necklace ($26)

Custom Name Birthstone Double Layer Necklace

These beautiful layered necklace lends an instant upgrade to any fashionista's usual jewelry. In other words, this is a must-have accessory for the queen of style in your life. This is also a great name for anyone whose name is always misspelled!

Pour Over Coffee Set ($15)

Pour Over Coffee Set

There's not a coffee-drinking hipster in the entire world who wouldn't go bananas for this cool, vintage-style coffee pour over. We're digging the over-caffeinated, uber-colorful vibes.

One of a Kind Guided Journal: A Guided Journal for Celebrating All That You Are ($16)

One of a Kind Guided Journal: A Guided Journal for Celebrating All That You Are

First thing's first: We love that adorbs color scheme. We love the acknowledgment that we are all worth celebrating, and your friend will love it too!

A-List Greek Designs Personalized Tassel Keychain ($17)

A-List Greek Designs Personalized Tassel Keychain

A personalized keychain with a colorful and trendy tassel to go with it? This baby is an obvious yes.

Pressed Dried Flower Phone Case ($13)

Pressed Dried Flower Phone Case

For the friend who loves pretty and useful gifts, consider a phone case that'll add some pretty floral detailing to her phone.

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