15 Bubble Braids That’ll Have You Reaching For Your Hair Ties

Intricate style without all the work.


If you love looking like you put far more effort into your hairstyle than you actually did, allow us to introduce you to bubble braids. These easy-to-achieve plaits consist of fluffed-up sections of hair (or bubbles, if you will) divided by generously spaced out elastics. Worn in pigtails, half-up braids, or high ponys, this is one hairstyle you don’t need to be a pro to perfect.

Celebs all over Insta are rocking this look and considering it's equal parts cute, flirty, and great for all hair types, we're pretty sure it's one of the most perfect beachy hairstyles that we can rock for 2022. Keep reading for our favorite takes on the trendy ‘do below.

Bubble braids are a lot easier than you might think. Just section off your hair, tie it into a ponytail, and add elastics all the way down. Then just stretch out the sections and you're finished. Here's a tutorial to get you started!

If you always go with mini braids and want to switch things up, try the bubble braid method after pulling all your hair into a ponytail. It's still fun and playful, but super chic.

Bubble braids are a great style for all hair types because all you need are hair ties! If you prefer a face-framing look like this one, section off the very front of your hair instead of over your ears.

Similar to the way that French and Dutch braids pull hair along your scalp as you go back, you can do the same thing with bubble braids to bring them off your face.

Spice up your bubble braids with some fun fishtail braiding around your first hair tie. We love how much detail it adds!

You don't have to just stick with elastics to do this hairstyle! Use ribbons, clips, or fabric (like these pink, polka dot strips!) to add your own personal flair to the look.

If you love pigtails, add some of those French bubble braids from earlier before tying off your hair. They can be as big or small as you want, depending on which looks best.

You can definitely add some half-up magic to bubble braids. This take is romantic, easy, and who doesn't want an excuse to wear three scrunchies at once?!

Add a variety of bubble braids, braids, and combos of both to your hair for festivals, parties, or theme park days! They're a little bit more edgy, and look great on everyone.

We love this look! All you need to do to get it for yourself is to change up your regular bubble braid process. When you spread out the sections of hair, just grab some hair from underneath and pull it through that bubble.

Don't be afraid to make your bubble braids huge! This is especially great if you have a wider face and are looking for styles that will add volume on top. Rainbow hair encouraged but not required ;).

When doing your hair, wrap some strands around each elastic. You can tuck the loose strands of hair into the elastics and let them fall so they don't come undone! Repeat until you get to the end of the braid.

We'll consider these two giant bubble braids a mix between Laura Ingalls and Luna Lovegood. Practical yet whimsical! Pull some strands out to frame your face.

Combine Dutch braids and bubble braids for a look like no other. This is our idea of a two-for-one special!

A super loose and carefree bubble braid will add a laidback yet styled feel to any outfit. It's the best of both worlds!

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